Friday, January 16, 2009

Released Evaluating Business Today on YouTube...

Good Friday Afternoon! I hope you are all staying warm amidst this chilly weather that surrounds most of us today! We launched a 2 part series on how to evaluate a solid business opportunity today on YouTube. You can find and subscribe to our channel there at Marketer09man so you can gain access to all of the Free information coming out to help you create massive success in 2009. This 2 part series will help you determine the best opportunity for return on your time and resources. We all know there are many, many opportunities out there and on the surface many look to be solid. It takes a special opportunity to align itself with the niche and timing to allow for massive success without the same amount fo frustration. A true gem of an opportunity emerges about every 5-7 years with a real chance for smart opportunity seekers to join and create an explosive business growth and income while helping countless people along the way. Marc and I search for these types of opportunities and when we find one, we Take Action. That is a key component of success and one that is often missed. You have to do something to change your situation. Stay with us as we are going to continue our Committment to Your Success...

For those of you that are seeking a better life and one filled with great joy and abundance, I am going to recommend that you either read the book "The Secret" or watch the movie. My opinion is that this is a must see for all people looking for more. It reveals the Law of Attraction and how most people continue to get what they are attracting with their thought patterns. Change your thoughts--Change your life and, of course, you must Take Action as well. What's stopping you from the life you desire?

To your success,
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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Evaluating Business and Our 2009 Top Pick....

Hey Guys! Hopefully you are enjoying the video series: Committed to Your Success brought to you by Marketer09man on YouTube. We will continue this series going forward in an effort to meet our resolution to help as many people as possible in this trying economic time. The 7 trends are keys to your profits in 2009. You need to find your niche within these trends and using tools from other trends to further your business in 2009 like you never thought possible. Historically, the Baby Boomer generation has driven the trends of the US. In the mid-70's it was weight loss and now today it is wellness. Business that is positioned to solve a probelm or need with this group and with the proper timing is certian to be profitable. Stay tuned as we will launch the next video in the series on How to Evaulate a Solid Business Opportunity... Watch for it in the next couple days!

To Your Success,

Neil Baier

Monday, January 12, 2009

7 Trends for Business Success and Profits in 2009!

Hey Guys, just a quick note that we are posting a great new video tonight on the 7 trends we feel will drive success and profits to your businesses in 2009. You can find us on YouTube channel Marketer09man. We look forward to sharing continued success principles and will be giving you access to some exciting tools and recommendations going forward in the coming weeks. Life is short so we encourage you and challenge you to look at where you are today and where your dreams will take you and make that plan to get there by Taking Action NOW! Have a great week!
We are Committed to Your Success!

To Success and Profits in 2009,

Neil Baier

Friday, January 9, 2009

Committed to your Success in 2009

Happy New Year! We have decided to do something a bit different this New Year. With the state of the US economy and the great number of job losses, we decided to find a way to help people succeed in this time of turmoil. Our goal is to help as many people as possible succeed with either supplementing their situation by revealing the secrets, tips, tools and systems to create massive success in 2009. We invite you all to visit our YouTube Channel: Marketer09Man and watch our videos, rate them, comment on them and subscribe to our channel so you don't miss any of this great information...

Also, we will update this blog with new and exciting ideas and tools to help you with great success in 2009! As always, we are committed to your success...

To the Life you Deserve,

Neil Baier